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Statement of Solidarity with Ohio State Faculty

May 6, 2020 The University of Tennessee, Knoxville chapter of the American Association of University Professors stands in solidarity with the faculty of Ohio University. In recent days, we have learned that dozens of OU faculty and staff have been laid off amidst a budgetary crisis aggravated — but not initiated — by COVID-19. It is particularly disturbing that the OU administration chose to begin faculty layoffs in the departments of African-American Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. As this situation evolves, and announcements of further cuts are made, a preponderance of those cuts seems to take aim at humanities departments — English, history,… Read More »Statement of Solidarity with Ohio State Faculty

Response to EPPR BoT Proposal

March 1, 2018 Faculty recently learned of a proposed BOT policy change that has the potential to affect tenure at UT radically. The proposal (quoted in full below) dramatically expands a current and recently approved policy on Enhanced Post-Tenure Review (EPPR) without justification or explanation. The proposal begins by affirming “the importance of tenure in protecting academic freedom and thus promoting the University’s principle (sic) mission.” However, faculty are concerned that in practice this new policy would seriously erode tenure, with negative consequences for our students, our ability to recruit top-level faculty, and our national rankings and reputation. Our concerns about the proposal fall under… Read More »Response to EPPR BoT Proposal